Makoto Shinkai’s next movie The Garden of Words is due out only on Blu-ray and DVD June 21, but until June 9, visitors to the Tower Records Café will be able to view a commemoration of the film in advance.

Makoto Shinkai, of 5 Centimeters Per Second fame will be releasing his latest movie, The Garden of Words, will be hitting theatres in Japan on May 31 and the shelves on June 21.

To help promote it and as a supplement to the run, starting on May 22, materials from production will be on display at the Tower Records Café. This includes storyboards, an exhibit called Shinkai World that shows off work from his past movies, and a continuity line.


Entrance to the exhibit will be 500 yen, and include a special sticker as a present. Visitors will also receive a 100 yen coupon for the collaborative menu being served at the café.


Source: Tower Records Online


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