The animation studio Gonzo has released a new trailer of their upcoming comedy mystery involving a murder, a bookworm-turned-dog, and fist fights with books.

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou is about a high school boy named Kazuhito Harumi who spends all of his time reading books — until he is shot by a robber! However, through the power of a bookworm, he comes back to life — as a dachshund who can’t read. The good news is, now he belongs to one of his favorite authors, Shinobu Akiyama, aka Kirihime Natsuno. The bad news is, Kirihime is a sadist who abuses Kazuhito with scissors.

In this two-minute trailer, you can get a glimpse of the murder, supporting characters, and Kirihime announcing dramatically, “The main character… has come.”

Along with the trailer, the characters’ profiles were also posted on the anime’s official website.

Kirihime Natsuno (CV: Marina Inoue)


Kazuhito Harumi (CV: Takahiro Sakurai)


Madoka Harumi (CV: Kana Asumi)


Suzuna Hiiragi (CV: Shizuka Itou)


Hami Oosawa (CV: Ai Kakuma)


Maxi Akizuki (CV: Yuu Serizawa)


Kiyoshi Inukai (CV: Wataru Hatano)


Yayoi and Sakura Honda (CV: Hiromi Igarashi and Maaya Uchida)


Momiji Himehagi


Sachi Moribe (CV: Chiwa Saitou)


InuHasa was first published in 2011 as a light novel series written by Shunsuke Sarai and illustrated by Tetsuhiro Nabeshima, and it received an excellence award in the Entame Taisho awards. The anime will start airing on July 10, so fans of comedy mysteries won’t have to wait long.

Source: InuHasa homepage


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