A new collaboration between Crypton and Hokkaido could mean a new VOCALOID, but only if the fans are willing.

With Crypton’s headquarters being located in Sapporo, Hokkaido, it’s no surprise that they, along with the original artist for Hatsune Miku, are collaborating on a new project.

Named Kamui Kitano (北乃カムイ), she will be helping to promote the local goods, history and culture of Hokkaido. Her character design is based on the fact that she is an idol that has yet to debut, due to the company she works for going bankrupt. Her dream, though, is to perform at the Sapporo Dome Arena (a venue that holds 54,000 people), and it’s still something that can happen. So long as she can reach 30,000 likes on Facebook and Twitter by the end of the year, there’s the possibility that she will gain a voice of her own and join the VOCALOID family.


Although this goal is currently unofficial, tweets from the official account have heavily hinted that this may be the final goal for this collaboration. The counter on the official website also hints that something special may happen should she reach 30,000 likes.


Details about Kamui Kitano are as follows:

Height: 152 centimeters [4’ 10”]
Favorite Color: Pink
Hobbies and Interests: Smartphones, karaoke, visiting the hotsprings (something Hokkaido is famous for), eating, and going places she’s never been before.
Favorite Food: Ramen, Sweets, B Class Gourmet Food

And of course she’s also from Hokkaido. Her favorite foods also match up with the theme of promoting the region as ramen is a signature dish of Sapporo especially, with the Shirokoibito chocolate brand also located throughout the island.

You can support the project by liking Kamui’s Facebook page, or by following her on Twitter.

Source: Official Site of Kamui Kitano


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