Between the BlazBlue Alter Memory anime and Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- announcements, there’s already a heck of a lot for fans of Arc System Works to cheer about.

But that’s not everything we got out of Arc Fes 2013. For those of you still paying attention to Xblaze, the adventure game (note: what the Japanese understands as an “adventure” game, we understand as “visual novel”) that ASW first announced last year, you might be interested to know that the opening intro for the game was also shown at Arc Fes 2013 (and uploaded to the Web, thanks to Famitsu).

Although it’s just two short months to Xblaze Code: Embryo’s July 25 release on the PS Vita, Arc System Works are still not showing a whole lot of the game, presumably because showing would be spoiling – the game is said to tie into BlazBlue somehow, sharing motifs and keywords, and may possibly take place in the same universe.

There’s still quite a lot of mystery surrounding this game, but at least with the opening intro unveiled today, we finally got a glimpse of who a potential antagonist might be in Xblaze – he’s even wielding blades similar to those the Mu, Nu and Lambda wield in the BlazBlue games. That can’t be a coincidence.

xblaze 01

Source: Famitsu


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