An anime adaptation for adult visual novel ‘Walkure Romanze‘ has been announced in the August issue of Tech Gian magazine. “Walkure Romanze‘ is based on the adult visual novel by Ricotta which also developed ‘Princess Lover‘.


The story’ is set on an academy where jousting is the main sport and follows Takahiro Mizuno, a student who aspires to be a knight but instead acts as an adviser for the school’s riders. The heroines are Noel Marres Ascot who is a top class jouster, Mio Kisaki who is Takahiro’s neighbor and childhood friend who hasn’t even ridden a horse before, Celia Cumani Aintree who is  a champion jouster and is also the student council president, and finally, the promising young, undefeated rookie named Lisa Eostre.


It also has several manga adaptations; one by Mitsu King and serialized in Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh magazine by ASCII Media Works and another by Nagisa Manoa in Dengeki Hime and finally one by No.Gomesu in the Comic Valkyrie website.  There were also two drama CD’s released for the series. The anime adaptation will premiere this Fall anime season 2013.

Source:  ieee80211 blog


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