Here comes another PV for Suda51’s next action game, Killer is Dead. This time, we briefly get taken through the level on the moon and get some hints on the story as well as some breaking of the fourth wall.

Besides the pools of blood that are flowing everywhere, we see several of the revealed weapons and mechanics in use during the PV. Of course there’s Mondo’s standard attacks- chain attacks with Mondo’s katana by tapping different buttons and seeing what works. When you kill enough enemies, you can activate Mondo’s adrenaline meter which will allow Mondo to rush up to an enemy and do a one hit kill. All of these are shown through boss battles, quirky character designs that only Suda51 is capable of.

For those of you who remember No More Heroes, you will remember the Dark Step- a mechanic that if used properly will allow for some heavy damage in style. That battle mechanic is back in Killer is Dead as quick dodges. Dodge at the right time and the screen will darken and the enemy will slow down but Mondo will be able to execute his attacks at an increased speed. The mode is not only stylistic but essential to making sure that you don’t die.


Also shown in the trailer are Mondo’s various weapons that can be changed with his cybernetic arm. Primarily shown in the trailer are his Bullet Shot and Charge Cannon. The Bullet Shot is the primary weapon that Mondo will be using and it can be upgraded to do various things like more damage or faster shooting.


The Charge Cannon is a weapon that gets stronger the longer you charge it for. When you release the charged shot, it’ll do some heavy damage on the target most likely putting them down for the count.


Story wise, the trailer shows that David, the man clad in gold who conquered the moon, plans to look for the ultimate weapon in order to conquer the Earth. He also says that he is planning on killing the lady of the moon who asked Mondo to execute him. Of course, Mondo won’t let any of these things happen on his watch so he begins the attack on David.


The trailer also gives little hints towards what happened to Mondo to make him the way he is today, a cybernetic killer.

On a side note, are you impressed by the music? The song in the background, Oboro Zuki is a song by The Heana Cat who first debuted in 2007 with their hit single Black Butterfly.


So far everything looks great for Killer is dead. It releases August 27th for the PS3 and Xbox 360 so if you’re interested, get to pre-ordering soon!

Source: Famitsu


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