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The anime Love Lab is coming next month, but if you want to know everything about the manga (or if you’re already a fan of the series) you can read this official guidebook right now.

To celebrate the anime adaptation of the comedy manga Love Lab, Houbunsha has released the Love Lab Official Guidebook on June 17. The guidebook recounts every major event from the manga and also includes character profiles, guest illustrations, and an interview between the anime director Masahito Oota and original creator Ruri Miyahara, making it the definitive book for anyone who wants to relive the series.

The 4-panel comedy manga Love Lab has been serialized in Manga Home and Manga Time Special since 2006. The story is set in Fujisaki Girls Academy, a school famous for its proper and refined students. Among the most popular are Maki, the student council president known for her calm demeanor, and Riko, the president’s side known for her blunt and boyish personality. Through a sudden turn of events, Riko discovers a hidden side of Maki that is interested in exploring the world of romance — and Riko is forced to join her.

Love Lab

To get a preview of the anime, watch this compilation of short trailers below. Maki is the one with the beastly glare in her eyes, and Riko is the one with common sense (rather, Riko is the first person in the trailer, and Maki is the second).

Along with the anime, volume 8 of the manga will be released on July 4, followed by volume 8.5 on August 7, which contains secret manuscripts and manga from guest artists, followed by volume 9 on September 7. If you’re a fan of school girl comedies, you should check out this series.

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