The popular dating sim brand Saga Planets is porting one of their Four Seasons games to the PSP, for all of you who like portable dating simulators and romantic comedies.

Kisaragi Gold★Star -Nonstop Go Go!!-, the upcoming PSP port of the 2010 adult dating sim Kisaragi Gold★Star, will be released on September 9.

The story is centered around six childhood friends who live in an old apartment building and attend Kisaragi Academy. Each of them has a special talent, except the main character, Futami Nitta, who looks after the others like a mother figure. In fact, Futami’s friends have no ability to make a living, so they always depend on Futami. Together, these six friends share a large dream…


Kisaragi GS

The PSP version of Kisaragi Gold Star will include a cute, new heroine named Mika, formerly a minor character, along with her own scenarios and event scenes. Of course, the adult scenes will be removed to make it appropriate for the PSP. All of the major characters are listed below.

Futami Nitta

The main character and a second-year student who works part-time jobs to support his younger sister, in addition to doing all of the housework and taking care of his friends. He tends to worry a lot, but keeps working without any complaints, and always puts other people before himself.

Saya Endou (CV: Mei Kojima)

Saya 2

A cheerful, honest, and popular girl who smiles at everyone she meets. Her goal is to become an idol in order to to give everyone happiness. As well as singing, she can play the guitar and writes songs with naive, girly lyrics.

Even though she’s poor, she likes to give people presents, and always has a present for someone, even if there’s no special occasion. If it’s someone’s birthday, she will splurge on an even fancier present. On the other hand, if she receives a present from someone, she will feel extremely embarassed.

Tsubasa Haotone (CV: Kozue Yoshizumi)


A smart, clean, and cute girl who acts as a mediator between her friends. She is extremely popular and is the number one marriage candidate among the female students. However, she has a rough, competitive, and stubborn personality gained from living in the slums.

She has a crush on Futami and regularly daydreams about him, but she is a clumsy girl who fails to communicate her feelings to him. If anyone tries to come between her and Futami, she unleashes her “hidden version”.

Ichika Nitta (CV: Fuuri Samoto)


Futami’s stubborn sister who can’t be tamed by anyone but her brother. Even though she’s small, she loves kendo, and she hates losing. She is interested in sports and trains her body to become stronger. She also loves food, but she eats cheap sweets in private because she thinks it’s embarassing.

Mikoto Fujimaru (CV: Airi Sakuno)


An refined, old-fashioned girl who speaks in an old dialect. She gives off an elegant vibe that makes her hard to approach, but she gets lonely easily. She loves drawing and often sketches her friends. She likes looking at happy faces, so much so that she will intimidatingly stare at them. She doesn’t like talking freely, but she always carries around a sketchbook and puts her feelings down in scribbles.

Mika Kuon (CV: Noriko Minagawa)


The heroine new to the PSP version and a vocal music student who trains at a production company and loves Saya. She’s an eccentric girl with an unusual behavior and clothes.

Hitomi Nagarekawa (CV: Yuuta Souma)


A boy whose tall figure and pretty face make him popular with girls. When he was a child, he was approached by a lot of boys. As a result, he is a huge man-hater. The only guy he likes is Futami, whom he often clings to, causing suspicious rumors. He also likes to design clothes.

Eiko Furamine (CV: Keiko Suzuki)


The vice president of the student council and the president of the public morals committee, Tsukiyomi Festival committee, breeding club, and kendo club. She is polite and formal, but she can also be very friendly. She views Saya and her friends as enemies, since they often don’t follow school regulations. People call her “Flamingo”, even though she hates the nickname.

Nanako Yomogida (CV: Michi Tanaka)


An older sister figure who works at her parents’ coffee shop, named Istanbul. Futami and his friends have known her for years and often ask her for advice. During busy days, they also work part-time. She has a moody personality, and her shop is famous for its risky “moody lunch”. Many people visit just to see her — and never come again.

Sanae Okabe (CV: Aiko Ookubo)


Futami’s homeroom teacher and an advisor in the vocal music department. She has a strict policy, but she also worries about her students, especially Futami. She graduated from the same music college as Nanako and is considered a prodigy.

Touri Kirishima (CV: Ai Fukada)


A mysterious girl who sometimes appears in front of Futami’s apartment building. She has an elegant appearance and is actually a first-year at Kisaragi Academy.

For a better look at Kisaragi Gold Star, you can watch the opening movie of the PC version below, accompanied by the catchy theme song, Rolling Star☆San.

Kisaragi Gold Star -Nonstop Go Go!!- will be released on September 5. Are you interested in discovering these characters’ dreams?

Source: Dengeki


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