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A couple of months ago, we mentioned about the closure of RAMS, an artist management agency that specializes in managing voice talents. The closure caught quite a few people by surprise as over night the company’s office space was left empty. Voice talents who were under RAMS at the time began signing up with other management agencies, became freelancers or decided to retire from the industry. There were no details on a how RAMS, which had been in operation since 1991 suddenly ceased operations.

Since then, details have began to surface regarding RAMS closure. A corporate research provider, Teikoku Databank (TDB) has managed to shed some light on RAMS demise. According to TDB, RAMS filed for bankruptcy at the Tokyo District Court on June 7. The company which had a capital of 118.2 million yen was at the time of filing bankruptcy, 260 million yen in debt.

Founded in 1991 as a production company, it later began to specialize with productions involving voice talents. In 2004, RAMS established RAMS Professional Education, a voice acting school and in 2006, RAMS Actors Theater, a theater troop for its’ voice talents. In 2007, RAMS recorded a revenue of almost 700 million yen. In 2011, RAMS recorded a revenue of 450 million yen owing to the recession which led it to cease its’ unprofitable DVD production business. Unable to keep popular voice talents from leaving the agency, RAMS recorded loses every financial year which lead to them shutting down on March 31 this year.

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