Fans of the latest Precure installment, Doki Doki Precure will be happy to know that more has been released about the upcoming 3DS game.

Doki Doki Precure may have just started in the fall, but it has already gained enough steam to merit a 3DS release on August 1 for 4980 yen. The game, which promises dance and idol action, will feature both the opening and ending song for the show along with a slew of minigames. With the idol theme, it also promises a makeover for the Doki Doki Precure girls.


Mana Aida, or Cure Heart, is the all around talented and sporty girl that has a natural talent for leadership. Unfortunately she’s a terrible singer, but it does not stop her from inspiring others. Her fellow PreCure, Makoto Kenzaki and Cure Sword, is a talented idol and should provide a foil to Mana’s voice. Her goals, though, are to help find the princess of the Trump Kingdom who she became separated from during a world jump.


Childhood friends Rika and Alice, Cure Diamond and Cure Rosetta, will of course also be making an appearance in the game. Rika still attends school with Mana where she has managed to rank tenth during national exams. Alice now attends a private academy, and is largely a pacifist except when it comes to protecting those closest and dearest to her.


One of the minigames featuring the characters will be a rhythm game that uses the opening and ending themes. In it players will have to time their taps on the lower screen to match hearts flying in from left and right on the upper screen. Matching enough with the proper timing will lead to the heart gauge becoming full and a Precure Appeal pose occuring. The minigame will have two different options: Solo Mode and Unit Mode. Solo Mode will show just one of the characters performing and can help to unlock other features during other parts of the game.


Another minigame, called Lunch is exactly what it sounds like: serving lunch. Taking on the role of Mana at her family’s restaurant The Pig’s Tail Pavillion, you must fulfill a customer’s order by matching food on the tray within a specific time limit. The faster you clear the challenge, the higher your score will be.


The Idol minigame will have you take on the role of different girls as they aspire to become the best. Unlike the dance game, you will trace the motions for the song on the lower screen with the upper featuring directions. The main goal is to make the cutest pose possible for that particular Precure, which will only be possible by properly timing moves.


The final minigame released so far is Taking Care of the Baby. In it you must help Rika with babysitting the series iconic baby character, Ai. You must figure out which toy Ai is crying for, and she will occasionally give you a hint through balloons, so it is a fairly simple game compared to others.


Much like the Project Diva games, Doki Doki Precure Narikiri Life will have a room feature. By playing the minigames you will gain heart points that you can use to buy outfits and furniture for the different idols. It will be done through a gachapon (capsule) system, so each piece will be completely random.


There has been no word yet on the main game play, but the minigames are already promising a good deal of fun for Precure fans.

Source: News Dengeki


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