Figure makers Chara-Ani and Good Smile Company are gearing up their latest figure offerings and so far, they are looking good.

With ‘To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S’ going into its second phase this summer, Chara-Ani is giving us this awesome shockerBiri-biri with no pants on! ‘Misaka Mikoto Peek Sister Ver. ‘ is produced by Chara-Ani and stands approximately 140 mm. This figure made of PVC and ABS will be released September 2013.

Be careful though, it is wise not to cross a Level 5 esper, especially if she can fire projectiles at you at three times the speed of sound.

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From one of the seven Level 5 espers to one of the seven kings of the Accel World, Chara-Ani presents you this ‘Kuroyukihime Floating Black Swallowtail’ figure. This 1/10 scale figure made of PVC and ABC stands about 140 mm and will be also be released September 2013.

But don’t let this pretty little black butterfly fool you though, she can give you a Death by piercing.

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The people over at Good Smile Company are also giving us a nice treat with this new figure from the Nintendo 3DS game, ‘Fire Emblem: Awakening‘. This 1/7 scale figure of the dark mage named Tharja stands approximately 205 mm. 1/7 Tharja is sculpted by Shining Wizard @ Sawachika and will be released December 2013.

Well, pardon my French but… Dat Ass!

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Max Factory is also releasing its latest figma from the Hidamari Sketch series, and this time, it’s the cute and gentle girl who takes care of everyone from the Hidamari appartments, Hiro. This figure also contains head parts for Nazuna, one of the first year girls living in the Hidamari apartments. You can switch out her head parts so you can have either Hiro or Nazuna on display.

This articulated figure comes with two expressions; upset and smiling and it also comes with the signature figma articulated stand. This figma is sculpted by Masaki Asai and stands about 125 mm. Hiro will be released in November.

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