‘Mobile Suit Gundam’, ‘Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta’, ‘Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ’, ‘Mobile Fighter G Gundam’, ‘Turn A Gundam’, ‘After War Gundam X’… the list goes on, and now, gundam fans are asking if there will ever be a new series? Now, a new official Gundam site has been launched and it teases us with a new Gundam.

However, the only thing the site has revealed thus far are what the Gundam itself looks like, the exact time and date of the announcement and the words “1/144 GUNDAM MOBILE”


Will this be a new anime? An OVA? A new HG kit maybe? Will this be part of the UC timeline? Or maybe CE (SEED)? Or maybe it’s a new timeline entirely? All these answers will be revealed soon.  The official Gundam website, gundam.info has reported the the much anticipated video will be released July 2, 2013 and will be streamed live at 11:59 am (Japan time) via the Bandai channel  Minna de Stream.


Judging from the looks of the new mobile suit, it looks like a cross between the Freedom Gundam and the Gundam X.

Gundam fans worldwide are widely anticipating the news so stay tuned for more information .


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