Many manga artists or mangakas have admitted that it is already a challenge to write 20 pages worth of manga in a week. Well… how about you have two weeks? 40 would be a challenge too right? Now, imagine instead of 40 pages in two weeks, you do 150?

Fairy Tail’s manga author, Hiro Mashima is attempting something very hard to do; writing up to 150 pages worth of Fairy Tail manga in just two weeks.

First, he will be writing three whole Fairy Tail chapters for issue 32 of Kodansha’s Weekly Shounen Magazine which will be released on July 10. He will then be writing another three chapters for issue 33 which will be released a week later on July 17. So in a span of two weeks, Hiro Mashima will be writing six whole chapters of Fairy Tail which will total to 128 pages.


Mashima has announced via twitter that this will be the very first time Weekly Shounen Magazine has done anything like this. He also tweeted that he will also be doing even more Fairy Tail for a magazine special which will be released July 20. This gives him a total of 150 pages to work on.



In addition to that, he will also do colour pages for all three chapters on the next Shounen Magazine issue, talk about hard work ethics. Aye sir!!!!


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