With the latest anime season of ‘IS: Infinite Stratos‘ premiering this fall, Overlap Bunko has announced that a new spin-off manga based on the series will be released. The new spin-off manga will be titled ‘IS Sugar & Honey‘ and will follow the lovely French IS pilot Charlotte Dunois. Charlotte or Char is the pilot of the orange Raphael Revive Custom II and is voiced by Kana Hanazawa in the anime.


‘IS Sugar & Honey’ will be written by Takako Hitsuji who himself has written many fan-made IS manga. Overlap Bunko will be releasing the new spin-off manga online, June 25 (Japan time) and will be released monthly. In their blog, Overlap Bunko has promised that this new IS love comedy manga will make you smile.


‘IS: Infinite Stratos’ is a Japanese light novel written by Izuru Yumizuru. The first season of its anime adaptation premiered January 2011 and its second season will premiere later this fall.


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