Namco-owned theme park (or rather, theme town) Namja Town will  be holding a tie-in event with the season finale of Uta no Prince Sama Maji Love 2000% this summer.

With the second season of UtaPri having just finished, the creators are wasting no time in scheduling tie-in events, with the first slated to start July 17 and run until September 16. Like all good events it will offer not only goods, but something Namja is somewhat famous for: food.

Overall the event is meant to tie into the season finale, so it’s not just the princes of STARISH being offered up to fans, but HEAVENS as well. One set of goods that may not see HEAVENS join the line but involves their sempai is a set of tumbler thermoses. Apart from the seven idols involved in STARISH, a second line features their teachers, and both groups don a set of cat or dog ears, depending on the character.


A set of games will also let attendees try their luck at winning a variety of goods. A capsule lottery will let fans win anything from a badge of Otoya to a cushion with the cast of UtaPri printed on it.


A ring toss game called “Catch the Music” will also offer a chance to win a character pop stand or themed kinchaku bag.


Another set of goods is being given out with the purchase of one dessert or food item, which means fans will have to do a lot of eating.

A set of bromide cards featuring each of the princes individually, a group shot of them and a group shot of HEAVENS will be given out with each UtaPri related food purchase.


Speaking of food, Namja is rolling out an UtaPri menu worthy of the singing princes.

Natsuki’s favorite bird, Piyo-chan, makes an appearance on a set of perfectly round gyoza for 680 yen. Syo will be gaining a dessert that’s as small as he is: called the TRUE WING Pudding it will be offered at 840 yen.


Other characters joining in the gyoza fun are Ichinose’s guitar shaped dumplings (550 yen), Masato with his loving sakura flavored dumplings (580 yen), Tokiya and his Starlight Colored dumplings that feature his face on the plate (560 yen), Ren who hopes to set your heart on fire with his spicy dumplings (550 yen), and Cecil with his Emerald Dumplings (550 yen). Of course, Syo also has to show off his manly strength with a manly meal in the form of a dumpling bowl for 580 yen.


Deserts being offered up also include Ichinose’s Onpuku music note pancakes (650 yen), Masato’s melon bread (550 yen), Natsukis “To Sirius” jelly (840 yen), Tokiya’s CRYSTAL TIME dessert (680 yen) and Cecil’s Star Fantasia Ice Cream (750 yen).


Of course, the sempai of quartet night will also be involved with their Poison Kiss frappe for 750 yen.


With cool food and a hot summer, Namja is promising to offer fans of UtaPri something to make the summer break an enjoyable one.

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Source: News Dengeki 


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