CoroCoro to the fourth game play trailer, news on the latest Pokemon X and Y games continues to be released.

During E3, the Pokemon round-table discussion showed off some new features and a handful of new Pokemon. Now, with a CoroCoro leak and a confirmation in the form of a new game play trailer, even more new faces are making their way to fans of the series. Two of the new Pokemon announced are directly related to a previously announced one. Scatterbug (Kofukimushi) and Spewpa (Kofuurai) will be the caterpillar and cocoon preevolutions of Vivillon. Scatterbug is classified as the Kofuki Pokemon, and stands at .3 meters. The kofuki is a type of Japanese insect that can be found on tropical plants, and resemble Vivillon in color and shape. It’s evolution, Spewpa, presents a first for cocoon-state bug Pokemon, as it can learn the move protect. It has the same classification as Scatterbug, and is also .3 meters tall.


Litleo (Shishiko) is a new lion Pokemon that has the signature move Nobel Roar, a normal type move that is identical in effect to growl. It is a dual fire-normal type standing at .6 meters, and is classified as the Boiling Pokemon.


Finally, Flabebe (Furabebe) is among the Pokemon that will be considered the new fairy type. Known as the Flower Pokemon, it will also know the new move Fairy Wind. Not much is known about this move other than the fact that it is able to one hit KO dragon type Pokemon in battle demonstrations. It stands at .1 meters, but it is not listed whether this height is with the flower it carries around or not.


Aside from Pokemon, details on some of the areas and trainers were also announced. Like the previous Black and White games, you will have more than one friend to challenge you during your journey to becoming Pokemon master. Instead of having two, though, you will now have four friends with different goals. You will all start in the same town, Vaniville (Asame) Town. Shauna, the trainer that dresses like Gothelle, is the enthusiastic leader of the group who will force you to pick a nickname early on. Tierno, the more burly male character, has a goal of becoming a famous dancer, and is always looking for ways to incorporate Pokemon moves into his dances. Trevor, the smallest member of the group is also the most ambitious, hoping to complete his Pokedex before everyone else. The final member will be the character you did not choose to play as, and will be your next door neighbor and training rival.


Viola, a professional Pokemon photographer, will be one of the gym leaders you must face and specializes in bug type Pokemon. Her gym is located in Santalune (Hakudan) City, which will also host another new character. Alexa (Pansy) is the older sister of Viola, and a journalist for the city. She is set to appear in the Pokemon TV anime on July 18.


Apart from new characters and Pokemon, a new means of transportation, roller skates, has also been shown in the demo. Whether this will replace the bicycle or not is still unknown.

Source: Serebii, Pokemon


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