As a chef, I was trained that food should not only taste good but also look pleasing to the eye and that very idea was drilled into my head ever since I started in culinary school.

People don’t just eat with their taste buds because other senses are also in play; the aroma, the texture, the temperature and how the food looks like. When you prepare food, it has to be clean and it has to look like something the customer would want to eat.  Let’s face it, food nowadays shouldn’t just please the taste buds but also the eyes.

The Japanese are known for dishes that look like little pieces of art; from sushi to mochi to even their cute and artistic bentos… but then again, there is the Silent Hill Ramen from Takumen.


This black-colored miso ramen looks messy and on the center is… I don’t even want to know, they even censored it. The flavor of miso ramen depends on its color with white colored soups being very lightly flavored with only a hint of miso, red colored soups are usually those regular miso ramens you eat and those black ones have the most intense miso flavor, with how this ramen looks like however…

c1_02 eyecatch02

The ‘Silent Hill’ ramen is a collaboration by Takumen and the 2012 horror movie ‘Silent Hill: Revelation 3D‘ which was based on Konami’s Silent Hill 3 horror video game. This ramen is most certainly not for the queasy and looks like a perfect fit for the video game and the movie. It certainly has that appeal to adventurous foodies and horror fans alike. It certainly breaks the rules on plating but it does have its certain flair.

Maybe you will need to see nurses after eating this.

Source: Takumen


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