AKB48’s Senbatsu queen Rino Sashihara has just announced the title of their 32nd single, where she’ll serve as center. The title of the single is “Koi Suru Fortune Cookie”. The announcement was made during “AKB Eizou Center”, a show hosted by Lily Franky and Sashihara herself. The single is to be released on August 21.

Sashihara revealed that shortly after the elections, AKB48-producer Yasushi Akimoto mailed her that the new AKB48 song will be an “amazing lead song”, meaning that Sashihara gets all the lead notes, quite a shock for the girl as singing isn’t exactly her strongest point. “Since it’s come this far, I hoped that it would at least be a cute song,” says Sashihara. “But I was deceived. They thought it’ll be funny if I believed them. All was part of Akimoto and the staff’s evil plot.”

The song isn’t actually that kind of song where Sasshi will lead, but one where they all sing and dance together, 80s disco style – catchy and easy to do. Here’s a footage from the making of the video.

This was shot three days ago, June 22 in Fukuoka, adjacent the Fukuoka Yahoo! Auctions Dome (where Mariko Shinoda will be having her graduation ceremony) and near the HKT48 theater. This is the AKB48 video with the most people participating in it, having approximately 3800 extras. The dance is choreographed by Papaya Suzuki, an artist and choreographer famous for his afro and dancing.

Also announced a couple of days ago are details on the Janken Taikai, AKB48’s annual senbatsu selection via rock-paper-scissors. This tournament has produced the center for the singles “Chance no Junban” (Mayumi Uchida), “Ue kara Mariko” (Mariko Shinoda) and “Eien Pressure” (Haruka Shimazaki). The 34th single Janken Taikai will be held on September 18, in Nippon Budoukan, Tokyo. Since all the previous tournaments were streamed live on google+ and YouTube, there’s a big chance that this one will be too, so be sure to check AKB48’s official YouTube during this time.

source: natalie, Oricon, AKB48 Official YouTube


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