Monthly Shonen Gangan has recently announced that one of their most popular manga, Soul Eater will unfortunately be ending in two more chapters. The manga has recently entered its “Final Battle” phase with Shonen Gangan’s latest issue released earlier this month. The final chapter, to be released in August 2013 will include a coloured title page.


The manga is written and drawn by manga artist Atsushi Okubo and has been running since June 2004 and serialized by Square Enix’s Monthly Shonen Gangan. The manga had a 51-episode anime adaptation which ran from 2008- 2009 with a slightly different ending from the manga itself.


The series follows a trio of Meisters, Maka Albarn; the daughter of a deathscythe and a master meister, Death the Kid; son of the Grim Reaper himself (and an obsessive compulsive to boot) and Black Star, an assassin who is extremely loud and obnoxious. These meisters work with human weapons who aim to be a Deathscythe. Maka’s partner, Soul Eater Evans transforms into a scythe, Death the Kid’s partners, Patricia and Elizabeth Thompson turn into dual pistols and Black Star’s partner, Tsubaki turns into a variety of ninja weapons. All three meisters must turn their weapons into “Deathscythes” by making them eat 99 evil souls and 1 witch soul.

The manga as well as the anime has been popular with fans and critics alike. Aside from the anime, the series also had three video games as well as a Spin-off series; “Soul Eater NOT!”

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