It seems that Reed Exhibitions has an exciting line up for this year’s Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention. While catering to the western comics fans, it has not lose touch with anime lovers as well. 

Many long time anime fans would have heard of TAM during the period where Clannad, Kanon and AIR animation series were popular. After doing numerous covers from these series, TAM went on to do many other covers as well, from Touhou to Fate/Zero. TAM will be performing various covers from anime and game titles at STGCC 2013.


US Cosplayer Vampy Bit Me has a large fan following of almost 92,000 followers on her facebook page, and it’s easy to see why. Her take on the numerous Marvel and D.C. Comics characters are superb. She also cosplays female variants of some of the characters, such as Nightwing from the Batman comics as well as Kratos from the God of War PS3 game.

Livetune has grown substantially among anime fans, thanks to the immense popularity of the Vocaloid software. DJ kz, who has mixed song titles from various anime and vocaloid renditions such as ClariS’ Irony and Tell your World by Hatsune Miku. DJ kz will also be mixing his tunes at the event as well.


Japanese illustrator redjuice is well known for contributing to the art for popular anime Guilty Crown. Having previously attended Comics Fiesta in Malaysia last year, the artist will showcase his illustrations at STGCC, and who knows, you may be able to purchase some of his rare items!

This is just the first round of guests STGCC has announced so far, and we can expect more guests in weeks to come.





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