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With only one month left until its release date, Nippon Ichi Software is still revealing new information on their next action-RPG, including the other 99 knights — no, we don’t have a list of every single knight.

The story in The Witch and the Hundred Knights (Majo to Hyakkihei) is centered around the beautiful Marsh Witch Metallica who is waging a war against the ugly Forest Witch. In order to defeat the Forest Witch, Metallica summons an undead warrior named The Hundred Knights.

The Hundred Knights is small, but he is incredibly powerful and has the ability to wield weapons larger than himself and change into different forms. On top of that, he is able to summon the other 99 knights, known as “Tochkas” (literally translated in English as “pillboxes”). These knights are controlled by their own AI and have a variety of uses. You can see five of the Tochkas below — although they aren’t what you would normally consider “knights”.

No. 1 is the Mini-Soldier. The Mini-Soldier is designed for autonomous combat and attacks the nearest enemy at will. You can summon up to eight of these at one time.


Knight No. 8 is the Tick Bomb. As the name implies, this knight explodes, and can be used to destroy walls or enemies.


Knight No. 10 is the Diarrow. This knight is shaped like a bow and arrow and can be used to attack from a distance or lock onto an enemy and track it like a compass. You can summon up to three of these at once.

arrowarrow 2

Knight No. 16 is the Decoy Potato. As its name implies, it distracts enemies with his mocking face. You can summon up to two of these when you want to escape or set up an ambush.

imoimo 2

Knight No. 42 is the Castleo (Kyaserio). This big knight stands in one place and shoots magic attacks from a distance. You can summon up to two of these for support when you’re fighting a groups of enemies.

catleocastleo 2

Along with some of the 99 other knights, NIS introduced two more characters (yes, there are even more) from the game.

Insolent Fairy Marny (CV: Rei Matsuzaki)

An fairy who always suddenly appears wherever there’s a rumor. He’s not afraid to trespass into people’s homes and smooth-talk them into suspicious deals.


Concierge at Wunderkammer Meel-san (CV: Aimi Terakawa)

A mysterious doll who manages the mysterious collection room “Wunderkammer” and talks with an old dialect. She stabbed her former owner, and her distinguishing feature is the nail driven into her head.

meelmeel 2

Meel-san is “Mananeer”, a sort of homunculus that runs on magical energy called Mana. Metallica’s servant, Arlecchino, is also a Mananeer. You can see a picture of him below, although he looks a little different from usual.


Lastly, NIS has also revealed the first trailer for The Witch and the Hundred Knights after announcing the game two years ago and delaying it for a year. In this trailer, you get to see The Hundred Knights in a vicious fighting spree, executing combos with five different weapons at once. There are also the main characters of the game and some of the aforementioned Tochkas, accompanied by wild music by Tenpei Sato.

If you have been waiting the past two years to play NIS’s most ambitious action-RPG, your wait is finally coming to an end. The Witch and the Hundred Knights will be released on July 25.

Source: Dengeki


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