Having previously tested the waters online, ASCII Mediaworks is rolling out a new manga magazine aimed at VOCALOID fans.

The manga in the first edition of [email protected] may not be new to those who followed it on Nico NicoSeiga’s web [email protected], but it is letting fans own physical editions of their favorite VOCALOID stories and let those who are unfamiliar with it experience it for the first time. The reason ASCII Mediaworks is taking this risk is because it hit ten thousand online readers, something that is largely considered a huge success in the online publishing industry.


With the character designs behind VOCALOID and their songs providing a constant string of of stories, it makes sense that there would be a wide variety of manga available. For the July 13 edition there will be a focus on manga involving Gumi and Gakupo. The two songs specifically being highlighted for the issue are Deco*27 and akka’s Mozaik Roll and the infamous song by KanimisoP (mathru) being illustrated by Yae Shimano, Dancing Samurai.


For those interested, the magazine will be available for 690 yen physically as well as on the digital app Book Walker for 517 yen. For those interested, the official site provides links to other online retailers selling it. The next physical issue will be September 13, though no theme has been chosen just yet.


Vocaloid manga and light novels have been hitting the shelves fairly frequently as of late, and they aren’t always for epic song series like those put out by mothyP. With a vast library to pull from though, who knows what could get a manga version next.

Source: Mantan Web


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