Miku Mado

Summer is quickly approaching, and in Japan that means yukata. Courtesy of Good Smile Company, Hatsune Miku is coming in a brand new yukata, and just so she won’t be lonely, she’s joined by Madoka in a lovely maiko outfit.

Miku’s new yukata is designed by Suzunosuke and themed around a flower called the natsutsubaki (“summer camellia”). Her hair is tied in her original twin tails, but with the regal yukata and the flower adorning her hair, Miku looks more refined than ever.

miku baku

miku baki 4

To go along with the summer theme, she also comes with a water yo-yo and candy apple. She looks like she came straight from a summer festival!

miku baki 2

Of course, summer festivals have a lot of delicious food, so Miku also comes with a drooling expression. You don’t have to stare, Miku, you can go ahead and eat the apple!

miku baki 3

Miku isn’t the only nendoroid coming this summer, though. Good Smile Company has also brought Madoka Kaname from the hit anime Puella Magica Madoka Magica, dressed as an elegant maiko. You’ve seen her as a school girl, a magical girl, and a goddess, but you’ve never seen her as modestly elegant as this.

maiko madoka 1

With her umbrella over her shoulders, you can picture her walking through a forest of cherry blossoms. Madoka also comes with a closed umbrella for when she’s indoors.

maiko madoka 2

Another accessory Madoka has is the grief box — it looks like the same one that the studio Shaft gave out at last year’s Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair!

maiko madoka 3

As if Madoka doesn’t look graceful enough standing still, she can also close her eyes and do a gentle bow, both courteous and adorable!

maiko madoka 4

You can get Natsutsubaki Miku for 3,200 yen and Maiko Madoka for 3,800 yen. These nendoroids will be available for pre-order from Good Smile Company’s online shop starting on July 8 and delivered in October.

However, if you’re lucky enought to live in France, the United States, or China, you can pick them up as early as July by going to Japan Expo 2013 in Paris, Anime Expo 2013 in Los Angeles, or CCG Expo in Shanghai, so check out those links to find out how to register for those events and get your hands on these lovable nendoroids.

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