It’s the stuff of fanfiction: Conan Edogawa of Detective Conan (Case Closed) and Sherlock Holmes of BBC’s popular Sherlock series are teaming up to offer fans a mystery to solve.

The AXN Mystery Channel  will be holding a collaborative lottery with Animax featuring Conan and Sherlock in celebration of their latest premieres and 15th anniversary on August 31. The channel, which has been showing off the best mystery has to offer for 15 years is winding up to give back to fans with a special question-based lottery. (Even more Detective Conan here on SGCafe)


The lottery questions will be based on a four week run of Sherlock seasons 1 and 2 and special episodes of Detective Conan. Starting at 5 PM on August 31 and running until September 8, it will feature multiple choice questions for fans to answer each week for a max of four chances to win. The questions can be as simple (or difficult) as “How do you say ‘Are you wearing any pants?'” in Japanese to “What is the color of the stone handed down for generations in the Taiga family?”


As to what fans will have a chance to win, the top prize is 150000 yen from AXN, something only one lucky fan will win. Three will have the chance to win a Sony Tablet form Animax, the company behind Conan, while ten have a shot to win an plush of AXN’s mascot. If you’re looking for higher chances, one hundred will have the chance to win an AXN QUO card worth 1000 yen.


You can’t quite enter your answers yet, but the questions will be posted each week on the collaboration website here.

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