If you happen to stop by the Japanese convenience store Lawson any time soon, why not put in a pre-order for two new wines? Besides the fact that these wines seem delicious – one of them being a plum wine that’s fourteen percent alcohol, and the other a yuzu wine that’s seven percent alcohol – they also feature two bishoujo girls designed by KEI, the creator of the extremely adorable and popular Hatsune Miku (For more on Hatsune Miku, click here.)

The first girl, named Meu, will promote the ume or plum wine. In a cute and sparkling kimono, she’s every bit as lovable as what we’d expect of KEI. She reminds me of a dragonfly.

meuThe second girl, Yurisu promotes the yuzu wine. She reminds me a little bit of Alice in Wonderland, but what do you think? Do you like the designs of Meu and Yurisu?

yurisuBoth wines are brewed by the Nakano Sake Brewery in Handa city located in the prefecture of Aichi. The 720 mL bottles cost 1680 yen each, and will be shipped between August 6 and September 5. Personally, I like plum wine better, and I think that Meu is a more endearing character than Yurisu. However, try out both (responsibly, of course!) and let us know which one you like better.

But before you go, one final question: If Hatsune Miku were to become a wine, what flavor would she be?

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