It looks like popular ecchi anime and light novel High School DxD will be getting its own game on the 3DS.


The gameplay for High School DxD for the 3ds will be split up into two parts, a traditional visual novel style and actual fighting that will follow the story of the anime.

In the former part, you’ll be conversing with the various girls in the game and racking up affection points to enter relationships with them.


As per typical visual novel conventions, players will be offered several choices of what to say during a conversation with a girl at certain points in order to appeal to them and increase your chances of a relationship with them.

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Going through the routes and accumulating “lust power” will be the key to the battle parts of the game.

Within the game, you will do battle with many different types of enemies. To have an easier time in the battle, you will want to save up as much “lust power” as you can. When certain conditions are met the lust power that you have accumulated can be released and used.


When released, you’ll be able to do some heavy damage High School DxD style (i.e. destroying their clothes with Issei’s Dress Break move). The rest of the battle is turn based meaning that you’ll select what you want to do once per turn in order to defeat your enemy. You win once you deplete your enemy’s life gauge and conversely lose when yours is depleted.


Hyoudou Issei is a second year high school student whose mind is constantly filled with perverted fantasies and desires. He wouldn’t want anything more than for his life to be turned into one where he was surrounded by pretty women all the time. One day he loses his life to a demon who he thought was his girlfriend and is saved by Rias Gremory, the president of the Occult Research Club.


In order to save his life, Rias reincarnates Issei into a demon under her control and takes him into the Occult Research Club, a club where every member is secretly a demon and a servant for Rias who is actually a demon of noble birth.


Issei is on one hand now a demon who must fight for Rias but is also surrounded by beautiful girls. Could death actually have been the best thing for Issei?

The 3DS game releases November 28th, 2013 for 6300 yen, but don’t forget that there’s a second season for High School DxD coming out as well.

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