WonFes 2013 is rolling out not just wonderful figure news, but wonderful Sonico news for fans of NitroPlus’s busty mascot as well.

At the Max Factory and Good Smile Wonderful Hobby For You! 18 booth over the weekend, Nitroplus and Joymax took to the stage to talk about the ever popular Super Sonico and the excitement heading fans way in 2014. For those of you unfamiliar with her outside of her figures, her backstory is that she works as a gravure model when she isn’t busy attending her first year of university. Overall she’s a very busy 18 year old girl, with her own figure line and band to add to her list of fame.  (Read more about Super Sonico here on SGCafe)


Her background gives her plenty of experience for her latest gig, where she’ll drop her guitar and pick up fashion to become the newest idol to hit the 3DS. The game, SoniPro, short for Sonico in Production, will allow players to take on the role of producer and communicate with Sonico. It will also feature several scenarios for players to unlock, which should only add to the fun of the game. If that weren’t enough, the trailer, seen below, shows off several of the costumes you can choose to help her become a top idol.

The game itself is being created by Imageepoch (Fate/extra CCC) with supervision by Nitroplus, while Georide will be handling the music aspect. It’s set to be released in winter 2014, which should keep fans plenty to keep toasty with.


If 3D isn’t your thing, a rerelease of the 2011 PC game SoniComi is also set to come out in 2014 for the PS3. Featuring updated graphics and an easier difficulty overall, fans should be happy to see her again and again. It will release under the title Motto! SoniComi (More! SoniComi).


It wasn’t just games that Super Sonico showed up in at WonFes either. She also had her own corner with figures on display, and a replica of her iconic headphones.


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