The historic city of Kyoto has certainly been really anime friendly recently. Not only are they collaborating with various anime, but yesterday the prefecture’s subway system have also conducted something called “the cosplay train”.

ed3a818e All aboard Kyoto Subways cosplay train!

About 100 male and female cosplayers rode the cosplay train yesterday, August 25. The cosplayers posed for some pictures as the train took them along the Tozai line from Uzumasa station to Rokujizou station.

5febd69e All aboard Kyoto Subways cosplay train!

The event was organized by GO-TAN who also organized last year’s cosplay train event. The event was also sponsored by various organizations like the Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau.

img 20130630 124759 500x333 All aboard Kyoto Subways cosplay train! img 20130630 124825 500x332 All aboard Kyoto Subways cosplay train!

The participants talked about their favorite anime, manga and games as the train arrived in Uzumasa station. Some of the participants who were cosplaying for the very first time during the event have said that it was fun and they were very excited about cosplaying as their favorite characters. Read more on Cosplay here on SGCafe! Also join in on the community’s discussions at Via Kyoto NP and Go-Tan