The Cosmo Youth Parade has been a mainstay event where cosplayers, card players and anime lovers can have a relaxing time at *Scape for the past couple of years. This year, the Cosmo Youth Parade had a lot in store for fans of famed cosplayers King X Mon and Misa from Taiwan, as well as Yui & Saffron from Hong Kong.

As part of the International Cosplay Exchange, these cosplayers were there for a meet-and-greet session with their fans and fellow cosplayers, not to mention photobooks and other merchandise on sale. Fans of these cosplayers were there to have their merchandise signed as well.

kingmon misa yuisaffron

Cosmo Youth Parade also took pride in having other fringe and stage activities as well. The Pika Pika Maid cafe was there as well as Bushiroad’s Cardfight!! Vanguard tournament held within the *Scape Warehouse. Unfortunately due to the recent haze, many of these activities were shifted into the *Scape building instead of the outdoor areas, which felt rather cramped due to the large number of visitors.

etc1 stage1

Some of the cosplayers present at Cosmo Youth Parade

cos01 cos02

Of course, Cosmo Youth Parade wouldn’t end without having its Cosplay Parade along Orchard Road. Mr Lawrence Wong , Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth was there for the opening ceremony of the Parade. We estimated around 300 cosplayers taking part in the Parade. Despite the heat and humidity, the cosplayers enjoyed their time at the event.


Cosplay Parade START!!



Will you be taking part in next year’s Cosmo Youth Parade as a card player, a cosplayer or simply as a fan of anime pop culture?

Don’t miss out on our exclusive interview with the cosplay guests!

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