Japanese apparel maker Strict G and Mastermind Japan are doing a collaboration with Bandai and Sunrise to release some awesome apparel inspired by the classic mecha anime, Mobile Suit Gundam.

One huge part of this collaboration is a 1/60 scale Pergect Grade (PG) RX-78-2 donning the colors and designs of Mastermind Japan. Don’t let the skull and crossbones fool you, this is not a PG Crossbone you are looking at but a special Gundam plastic model made specifically for this collaboration. It comes with a special black tote bag with the Mastermind-Gundam logo emblazoned on it, and costs 31,500 yen.

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This purely black Perfect Grade RX-78-2 looks intimidating considering its size and those crossbone designs.

Strict G is also releasing several apparel like these black Mastermind parkas and t-shirts. They come in 3 designs, namely the Mastermind Gundam logo, the Skull and crossbones with the original 1979 anime logo, and the classic “final shot” where a badly damaged Gundam shoots at Char’s Zeong. They come in S / M / L / XL sizes



Strict G will also be releasing this black snapback cap which comes when you purchase any of the items listed above. All products listed are going to be released mid-August.


This will be the second collaboration between Mastermind and Bandai as they have previously released a PG Zaku II with the Mastermind colors and design last year.


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