Featuring a variety of goods and Vocaloid songs, the latest installment to the Angel Project, HATSUNE Appearance 夏祭初音鑑 (HATSUNE Appearance Natsu Matsuri Hatsune Kagami) is hitting Tokyo this week.

The latest Angel Project concert series will make its way to Bellesalle Hall B1 in Akihabara starting August 21 and will run until the 29, two days before Miku‘s birthday. Continuing from the Osaka based HATSUNE Appearance in Knowledge Capital supported by au Summer Festival Hatsune Model it will feature 90-minute virtual concert performed four times a day on weekdays starting at 12 PM and five times a day on weekends starting at 10 AM.


Tickets for the concerts will be on sale on the first floor of Bellesalle in a special tent from 10 AM to 730 PM weekdays and 9 AM to 830 PM on weekends. The tickets will cost 4500 yen each. It’s also possible to order tickets in advance for 4410 yen, with sales ending on August 25.


If you get hungry during the festivities, Domino’s will also be serving up  a hot slice of pizza with a heaping helping of Hatsune Miku on the packaging.


It wouldn’t be much of an event without goods, so a variety will be on sale at a tent inside the venue for concert goers to purchase. Whether rubber straps (600 yen) and wallscrolls (3000 yen) are your thing,


Or a concert book (2000 yen) or set of Miku Pack clearfiles for 2013 (1000 yen),


Or if you need to wave your love of VOCALOID around with these Senbon Zakura themed towels (1500 yen), the goods booth will have fans covered.


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Source: Dengeki News


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