The Premium Bandai store has another set of Sailor Moon goods that are sure to hurt fan’s wallets – though it may just be worth it.

Continuing the line of goods being released as part of the 20th anniversary, a line of Sailor Moon themed jewelry is being released. When paired with the previously released Miracle Romance compact, this piece of jewelry accomplishes the daunting task of allowing fans to show off their love for the show – even on the most formal of occasions.

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The first piece is a set of earrings designed after the sailor sign that Serena (Usagi) bears. Made of silver and coated in 18 karat gold, it will help fans feel like they’re triggering their own transformation sequence. The earrings will retail for 9,975 yen and measure 11mm by 21mm, making them a subtle way to show your love.


A silver pendant based on the Moon Stick that Sailor Moon uses to attack in the first season of the anime. Based on its final form it sports a silver crystal motif at the top to really help protect you from evil. Made of silver and hanging from a 45 centimeter chain, it will retail for 11,550 yen.


The final piece in the latest installment is a silver pendant coated in 18 karat gold to give it a full gold appearance. Styled after the Key of Space-Time, it will certainly help you feel like Chibiusa during times of crisis. Hung from a 45 centimeter chain and featuring Swarovski crystals, it’s the most expensive piece in the set at 13,650 yen.


Each piece of jewelry is available for pre-order on August 5 at the Premium Bandai website, and will ship in October.

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Source: Famitsu


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