Wave your hands and shake your booties as we dance the “Angler Fish” made famous by Girls Und Panzer.

Yes, the anime wasn’t just about tanks, it was also about friendships, becoming whatever you want to be, the determination to win and dressing up in a skin-tight outfit and dancing the “Angler Fish”. And the show sure ain’t just for World of Tanks players (well, they ARE having a collaboration with Girls und Panzer) or tank nerds.

A step-by-step instruction manual has been released recently and it shows you how to dance just like the Oarai girls from the anime. The instructions serve as a flyer to promote the sale of the fan disc CD as well as the Girls Und Panzer Heartful Tank disc Blu-Ray/ DVD set.

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The CD was released last August 7 while the Blu-Ray/DVD set will be released next month, September 25. Now get ready, put on those tight-fitting pink Angler Fish costumes, get on top of a freaking tank, wave your arms, spin around and shake that booty and Dance the “Angler Fish”!


And speaking of Girls und Panzer merchandise, several merchandise from the official Girls und Panzer booth during Comiket 84 have been reported to have sold out as well.

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