Ever since the original series aired in 1979, there have always been some Mobile Suit variations throughout the Gundam series. These MSV’s like johnny Ridden’s Zaku II, The Perfect Gundam and the Zaku Mine Layer have been well loved by fans ever since they were introduced and some of them have even gotten one of the most royal gunpla treatments: being made into a Master Grade (MG).


Now, with the UC series having its much awaited finale next year, Gundam UC is showing us some awesome-looking variations to the expanded UC storyline. All these variations are from the year U.C. 0096, the same year as the events of Mobile Suit Gundam UC which is of course from the original Universal Century timeline.

The UNICORN GUNDAM 03 PHENEX certainly made some big waves when it was introduced in dramatic fashion in Gundam Front Tokyo’s Dome-G. Like the other Unicorn Gundams before it, it’s also equipped with the Newtype destroyer (NT-D). The one on top is the Unicorn Mode while the one at the bottom is the Destroy Mode.

msv01 msv02

The AMX-107R Rebawoo was developed by Neo Zeon’s Haman and also has a psycho frame built for New Types. This one is painted Red for the one known as the second coming of Char Aznable, Full Frontal.


For those familiar with the UC series, you might know the UNICORN GUNDAM 02 BANSHEE already. Like the other two Unicorns, this one can transform and is also equipped with the NT-D. It has already been made into an HG and an MG.


The RGZ-95 ReZEL has some variants as well. The Lisl C-type (Defensor unit A) focuses more on missiles while the Lisl (Defensor unit B) focuses more on its beam cannons. Defensor A is the one above while Defensor B is the one below.

msv05 msv06

The Gundam Delta Kai is fitted with the psycommu system and is best piloted by a New Type. It is armed with some fin funnels like the Nu Gundam. It is a variant of the Delta Gundam.


The Gold version of the MSN-001 Delta Gundam meanwhile looks a whole lot like the mobile suit it was developed from, The Hyakku Shiki which was once piloted by Char Aznable himself. Unlike Char’s legendary uncharacteristically golden mobile suit however, this one can actually transform.


The RGM-89D Jegan may have been developed from the “red shirts” of the Gundam universe, the GMs but these guys pack a whole lot more punch. The one above is the normal Jegan while the one below is a unique MSV known as the EWAC Jegan which has been retrofitted for reconnaissance missions.

msv09 msv10

The ARX-014 Silver Bullet is a prototype Mobile suit by Anaheim Electronics. The one above is the normal Silver bullet which are used to combat the Neo Zeon’s Doven Wolf mobile suits while the one at the bottom is the Silver Bullet funnel test type which has been fitted with funnels and is best piloted by a new type.

msv11 msv12

For gunpla enthusiasts, the Sinanju Stein is a familiar mobile suit as this bad boy has been released as a Master Grade (MG) earlier this year.


The AMS-119 Geara Doga has been the backbone mobile suit by the Neo Zeonic forces since Char’s Counterattack. The one on top is the normal Geara Doga while the one at the bottom is Angelo Sauper variant fitted with a 20cm Rangebruno gun and of course comes in his custom purple.

msv15 msv16

The AMX-014 Doven Wolf meanwhile is also one of Neo Zeon’s most trusted mobile suits. This Sleeves variation dons the design seen in most Sleeves mobile suits.


Finally, the Krake Zulu is a high mobility variation of the Geara Zulu and has a built-in mega particle gun in its shoulders.


Finally, we have the yet-to-be-revealed RX-160S Byarlant custom. Not much has been revealed from this MSV yet aside from the name and the silhouette.


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