Anohanathe mercifully simple abbreviation for Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (which is a not that much shorter version of the original Ano hi mita hana no namae wo bokutachi wa mada shiranai) has collaborated with fashion brand LOWRYS FARM to deliver to fans anime-themed T-shirts and canvas tote bags.

Coincidence? Of course not. The movie version of Anohana will be released in Japanese theaters nationwide at the end of the month, August 31. The movie will not only retell the events of the anime, but also move forward a year after the story’s end. There are three types of T-shirts, and two types of tote bags, and the prince for all is 4,095 yen.

anohana2 anohana1 anohana3 anohana4

In commemoration of the upcoming movie, popular magazine BARFOUT! is also participating. The magazine will have a printout of the logo “Super Peace Busters” and will contain an elaborate design of one of the protagonists in the pocket.

Additionally, on the 21st, if you buy BARFOUT! magazine, there will be a four-page special tie-in.

Talk about incentive. Anohana is only eleven-episodes, so if you aren’t on this bandwagon yet, there’s plenty of time to make it up.

Source: Mantan-web


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