Nitroplus has been making excellent visual novels for years and to show their appreciation to the fans who buy all of their work, they are putting together another ‘Nitro Super Sonic’ event this year (they’ve been doing it annually, and this year is no exception).

This year, the event will be held at the Tokyo International Forum Hall A from September 21-22. Advanced tickets for this event will go on sale tomorrow, August 31, 2013 and are already expected to sell out due to the high anticipation for the event.

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Various artists are already scheduled to perform in the already star-studded event. Artists like LiSA who sang the first opening song for Fate/ Zero, Haruna Luna who sang Fate/Zero’s second End theme, Milky Holmes, Kanako Itou who sang songs for Chaos; Head, Steins; Gate and Robotics; Notes will all take to the stage to show the fans how Nitroplus truly appreciates them. Other artists are also set to join them like Zwei, Hassy, Aoi Tada, Keigo Iwase and many many more.

nitrosonic1nitrosonic 2

And since this is Nitroplus we are talking about, Super Sonico will be making an appearance as well. She has been the event’s mascot since 2006 and now she is even more popular than ever.


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Via Weekly ACII and Nitroplus official event page


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