Today Sega announced Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin, the next instalment of the widely-popular (in Japan, at least) Yakuza action-adventure franchise.

And it looks like this next instalment is set in the 1800s, during the Bakumatsu period in Japan, as the protagonist was unveiled to be historical figure Sakamoto Ryoma, a leader of the movement to overthrow the Tokugawa shogunate; although the actual character design and look for Sakamoto is based off of Ryu ga Gotoku series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu.

As with all Ryu ga Gotoku (龍が如く) protagonists, Sakamoto Ryoma’s name has the kanji for “dragon” in his name (坂本 龍馬).

The announcement was made moments ago at 5PM Japan time on the gigantic Alta Vision HD display on the streets of Shinjuku, right outside the Shinjuku station’s east exit. The special video announcement first unveiled the results of a Ryu ga Gotoku character poll (check out Famitsu’s story for the results, or just watch the video below), before teasing the new title Ishin.

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Which platform(s) Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin will appear on has not been announced yet.

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Source: Famitsu


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