It’s that time of summer once again where trains are full, the air is hot and thousands of people camp out just to enter a certain building in Tokyo for a certain event that only happens twice a year.

That’s right, it is Comiket time once again and from the looks of things, there will still be a whole lot of people attending as usual.


Just like big events like that musical extravaganza known as Woodstock, people are shown camping out and eagerly awaiting for the event to actually start. With the use of social media sites like twitter, people attending the event have tweeted images of their experiences as they camp out to await today’s bi-annual anime, manga, video game and cosplay extravaganza.


An estimated 3,000 people had been camping out last night just right outside Tokyo Big Sight in Ariake West Pier Park. Most of the campers were up all night unable to sleep with all this excitement.

Yes, that’s approximately 3,000 people camping out and it’s just DAY ONE, remember, there are still two more days’ worth of Comiket 84 to look forward to after today. They just can’t wait to get their hands on some of the limited edition and event only items that will be put on sale on what is considered the world’s largest doujinshi (fan works) sale.


And speaking of Comiket 84, the weather forecast for day one is bright and sunny but it’s also gonna be hot. The temperature may reach more than 37 ° Celsius (98.6 ° Fahrenheit), and with that sea of humanity attending, it’s sure to be even hotter. The event organizers have warned attendees to be careful of heat stroke and dehydration. Good ways to prevent these are to eat breakfast and drinking lots of fluids.

Comiket is held twice a year, one during August and one during December. The world’s largest doujinshi fair will not only feature fan works but also features lots of awesome company booths like the ones from Cospa and Takara Tomy. If you are interested to go to the event, you can follow our Comiket survival guide through this link. You can also take a look at some of the awesome event-only goodies that will be on sale here.

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