Hyperdimension Neptunia will only be airing 12 episodes this red hot summer season, but don’t fret just yet my dear fans because an unaired episode 13 will be released along with the anime’s Blu-Ray/DVD volume 7.


Volume 7 will be released next year, March 26 and will not only come bundled with the unaired episode but also a very cute limited edition Nendoroid version of Neptune by Good Smile Company — if you pre-order or otherwise manage to snag a first-print edition of the release.

Volume 7 was also supposed to come bundled with a digest video reel of a live Hyperdimension Neptunia event which was supposed to be scheduled January 12 next year, however, that event was cancelled.

The January 12 event was supposed to be held at the Tokyo Dome but was cancelled for safety reasons after a man armed with a knife barged into a Hyperdimension Neptunia promotional event last June which left many, including Neptune’s voice actress, Rie Tanaka injured.

Speaking of Hyperdimension Neptunia Blu-Ray/DVD’s, volume 1, which was supposed to come with a random drawing form for advance tickets to the January event is now changed to a body pillow cover mail order form. The body pillow contains the exclusive illustration of Neptune/Purple Heart drawn by the original game’s illustrator, Tsunako. Volume 1 is set for release this September 25.

Still on the subject of Hyperdimension Neptunia merchandise, an official booth cosplayer dressed as Neptune was spotted in the anime’s Comiket 84 booth. Click here to take a peek at what that booth is selling during the event.

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