Summer may be winding down, but the boys of UtaPri appeared on several shop fronts in Shibuya to remind fans they’re still in full summer swing, and possibly even hint at whats to come.

The famous 109 building in Shibuya is helping to advertise the latest installment to the musical otome game, Uta no Prince Sama. Featuring a poster with the tagline “Although I may become an adult, I won’t forget,” the members of STARISH smile at the ladies of Shibuya everyday.


The department store Marui also has the boys of UtaPri on display on several pillars outside the store that gives a better look at the idols as they appear on the posters. It’s a clear look at Syo, Shinomiya, Tokiya, Ren, Masato, Otoya, and cat-turned-prince Cecil.

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One of most notable things about the posters is that they’re all wearing the same bracelet, helping to show off their friendship status, and for fujoushi, their love for each other.


Incidentally, Marui has the posters up to help remind fans that the spin-off rhythm game Uta no Prince-sama Music2 will be available at their store, along with goods from the creator of the series Broccoli. The game, which comes out September 5, will feature the characters in chibimode and a set of songs from the games and anime for fans to play a standard rhythm game to.



The announcement for the next project as coming soon has the boys of Poison Kiss blacked out, which may mean the reunion announcement at the end of the second season could come to fruition.


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