Hollywood’s allure has always been strong and a lot of people really want to see some of their favorite anime and manga adapted into a major Hollywood motion picture.

Sure, Dragon Ball Evolution was just plain awful and some people are still not sure on how to react to the Bleach and Evangelion Hollywood movies but the allure of Hollywood is just so strong that people would still want to see some anime adapted into the big screen by Hollywood. This time, Japanese media website Goo asked people online what anime or manga series do they want to see adapted into a Hollywood movie. Here are their results:

20- other anime- 601 votes

19- Mazinger Z- 115 votes

18- Legend of the Galactic Heroes- 184 votes

17- Urusei Yatsura- 193 votes

16- Ghost in the Shell- 221 votes

15- Devilman- 273 votes

14- AKIRA- 277

13- Cyborg 009- 321 votes

12- Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind- 324 votes

11- Doraemon

10- Mobile Suit Gundam (1979)– 430 votes


9- My Neighbor Totoro– 490 votes


8- Golgo 13- 574 votes

7- Slam Dunk– 575 votes


6- Neon Genesis Evangelion– 618 votes


5- Castle in the Sky- 632 votes


4- Galaxy Express 999- 663 votes


3- Detective Conan– 690 votes


2- One Piece– 1024 votes


1- Lupin III– 1424 votes


There you have it, Lupin III steals his way to the top spot via a landslide. Its cat-and-mouse appeal would certainly make a great Hollywood film. The finished product could look like the movie Catch Me If You Can or even a James Bond movie.

One Piece also has a lot of great Hollywood potential and its great characters and awesome story line would make a great Hollywood movie. Detective Conan may have a Sherlock Holmes vibe and it can most certainly pull in the mystery genre crowd as well.

One movie which made it to the top ten already has a Hollywood movie announced. Only problem? Its Hollywood adaptation is still in production limbo. Three guesses on which series that is!

… …

If you guessed Neon Genesis Evangelion, you are absolutely correct! The movie is still being debated on and it has clearly divided the fans who want to see a live-action movie and those who don’t.

Other movies would also make good Hollywood flicks. My Neighbor Totoro and Mobile Suit Gundam have massive fan bases in America so a Hollywood adaptation wouldn’t be surprising and Slam Dunk has the elements of a great sports flick. All in all, the anime and manga series that made it to this list would make great Hollywood movies, however, they would need a great director, a great script, good actors and of course, if a Hollywood adaptation would come for these movies, they would need to be true to the original.

Do you agree with Goo’s list?

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