The Gundam Cafe chain of anime-themed restaurants are known for serving up some scrumptious Gundam-themed meals and now, all three Gundam Cafe branches (Akihabara, Tokyo Station, Odaiba) are serving up some hefty meals inspired by the Cosmic Era timeline which is more commonly known as the SEED timeline.

Each food item on the Gundam SEED-themed menu, with the exception of the cake set, costs 890 yen while each drink menu item, except for the house-blend coffee, costs 790 yen.

The Archangel Battleship food #08 is featured in the anime’s phase 08 or episode 8 when it was served in the Archangel’s Mess Hall and consists of vegetable pilaf, crackers, cheese salad, squash tempura and veggies.


The Archangel Battleship Food #06 was featured in the anime’s phase 08 and it consists of Hamburger steak in red sauce, bread rolls, cheese, potatoes and salad.


The Minerva Battleship Food, Athrun Zala ver. consists of Cabbage Rolls in Tomato Sauce, a slice of Baguette, Tropical Fruit Mousse and salad on the side.


The Kira Hayashi Rice consists of rice, hashed meat, boiled egg and a piece of tortilla chip to garnish


Ah, Cagalli and Andrew Waldfeld had an epic debate about Shawarma in one SEED episode and now, you can find out for yourself who was right as this SEED Kebab comes with both the Yogurt Sauce and the Chili Sauce.


The Pink Haro cake is presented in the motif of the Gundam series mascot, Haro. This Pink cake is a finely decorated strawberry cake and costs 420 yen.


Andrew Waldfeld didn’t just enjoy debating with Cagalli, he also loved coffee and this special SEED house blend is his “own original blend”. It costs 360 yen and is served in a special Desert Tiger mug.


The Kira Yamato comes in colored blue to represent “Freedom”. It is a mix of milk and cacao-based liqueur.


The Athrun Zala is colored red to represent “Justice”. It is raspberry liqueur.


The Yzak and Dearka is soda consisting of two layers of flavors symbolizing Zaft’s resident dynamic duo


The Biological CPU’s Orga, Shani and Clotho inspire this drink known as the Bu Stedman. This cocktail has three layers of flavor.


The Kira Yamato (non-alcoholic) is a non-alcoholic version of the Kira Yamato and is just blue-colored sweet milk with cocoa


Athrun Zala (non-alcoholic) is raspberry iced tea


The Mu La Flaga is inspired by the Hawk of Endymion himself and is a mix of coconut and pineapple flavors


The Rau Le Creuset is a mysterious cocktail mix based on the masked commander of Zaft.


Some Gundam SEED petit plates are also being sold at the cafe for 1,795 yen per set. You can choose from Shinn and Stellar, Athrun and Cagalli and Kira and Lacus.


This special Gundam SEED menu is available now at all three branches of the Gundam Cafe, and will only last until November 2013.

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