Gundam Extreme VS: Full Boost, an expansion to the original Gundam Extreme VS that added a number of new mechanics (a new Burst Attack move, as well as the ability to pick from two types of Extreme Burst super mode – the A-type Assault Burst and a B-type Blast Burst), is headed to the PS3 sometime in 2014, the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine revealed.

Full Boost will add over 20 new Mobile Suits to the vanilla version of Extreme VS, resulting in a playable roster of over 90 MS. Some of the new suits added this time around include those from Mobilt Suit Gundam W, as well as Gundam EXA.

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Although Full Boost is mostly an arcade-to-PS3 port, this home version will contain a couple of extra items not found in the original arcade version. For instance, five new BGM songs will be added to the arcade version’s existing collection of 30. There will also be a “Premium G Sound Edition” version of Gundam Extreme VS: Full Boost that will feature even more tracks from past Gundam anime series – although details on the premium version have yet to be revealed.

The online mode in the PS3 version of Full Boost is also said to be superior of that in the original Extreme VS. The game’s auto-matchmaking features have been improved upon, and player rooms can now accomodate up to 12 players at once, up from 8.

Fellow Full Boost players will also be able to play the arcade mode co-operative online in this new version; in Gundam Extreme VS for the PS3, the arcade mode was offline-only.

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