With Code Geass: Akito the Exiled getting a limited theatrical run tomorrow, September 14, the Premium Bandai store is bringing us a very special treat in the form of two Knightmare frames from their popular Robot Spirits line.


These two Alexander Type-2 Knightmare frames will be part of a two-in-one set and will exclusively be released by the Premium Bandai shop. Both the Yukiya and the Ryo Alexander Type-2 Knightmares measure in at approximately 120 mm and are made of PVC and ABS parts. Both Knightmares can transform into insect modes and come with their own armaments. The Ryo Sayama Alexander Type-2 is armed with two linear assault rifles and a missile pod while the Yukiya Naruse Alexander Type-2 is armed with a rail gun, and one linear assault rifle.

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This set will be released on February 2014 and will be available exclusively via Premium Bandai for 9,450 yen.

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