Sony is collaborating with Madoka Magica to create a very special edition of one of their most popular Walkman brands.

The Walkman brand is still alive and well, and the  NW-F805 line is helping to keep it that way, especially with the new Madoka Magica collaboration. Coming in both black and white, the new limited edition will feature silhouettes of the movie versions of Goddess Madoka and Homura.


Apart from the design, the Walkman itself is pretty awesome. Running an Android  based OS and holding 16G of what you please, it certainly rivals the iPod. Of course, Sony is helping to get you started on the problem of what to put on a Madoka based Walkman by including the Rebellion Story key visuals.


Maybe carrying around magical girls in your pocket isn’t enough, so they’ve also included a soundtrack from the movie to help you feel right in the middle of the Rebellion Story, no matter where you are. Hopefully that soundtrack also includes Claris’s Colors, the main theme for the movie which you can hear in the trailer below.

This magical Walkman is going for 19800 yen in black and white editions, and will be available sometime in October on the Sony Store website. Just when in October is a secret Sony is keeping for those who subscribe to a mailing list on the official product page. If you want one you better hop on it, as special editions like this one tend to sell out fast.


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