It is no secret that Attack on Titan is one of this year’s most successful series in Japan. But even in North America, the original manga by Hajime Isayama is dominating.


The volume 1 English-translated paperback manga currently ranks #1 in Amazon for science fiction and horror mangas while #2 in over-all graphic novel sales in the U.S. alone. The manga series has eight (8) entries in Amazon’s top 20 mangas and its popularity is continuing to rise. Its latest compilation volume, Volume 11 has sold about 23 million copies by the end of August 2013.


In the Amazon reviews, the manga has been praised for its interesting story, great artwork, exciting swordplay and unique acrobatics. Many readers have recommended its story of survival against a mysterious and powerful enemy.

According to Kazushi Suzuki, editor-in-chief of the separate Kodansha manga magazine “Shounen Magazine”, its story depicting young boys and girls in their desperate struggle against the titans may be simple but it resonates in the heart of every human being no matter what culture.

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