Banpresto is at it again and and this time, their latest Kamen Rider Ichiban Kuji prize offerings are ready to “henshin” all the way to our hearts.

These Kamen Rider Ichiban Kuji prizes span from multiple series like Kamen Rider 555, Decade and W and are made up of their Ichiban Kuji R/D figures (RealDeform), stickers and Figure+DX. Each of the R/D figures are fully articulated and come with 30 points of articulation and measure in at approximately 11cm.

A Prize: R/D Kamen Rider Decade from Decade


B Prize: R/D Kamen Rider Faiz from 555


C Prize: R/D Kamen Rider Den-O from Den-O


D Prize: R/D Kamen Rider Cyclone from W


E Prize: R/D solid Momotaros from Den-O (only arms and neck are articulated)


F Prize: 9cm Kamen Rider 2000-2008 stickers. Eight designs to choose from.


G Prize: 9cm Kamen Rider 2009-2013 stickers. Eight designs to choose from.


H Prize: Figure+DX  Kamen Rider. Eleven figures to choose from.


Last Prize: R/D Kamen Rider Decade Deep Jotai


These prizes are scheduled for release November 2013 and can be won through Banpresto’s Ichiban Kuji lottery game. Each game costs 600 yen.

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