Brace yourselves Sword Art Online fans, Penguin Parade is bringing you these super cute SAO earphone jacks that will certainly make you go hnnnnnnnnnnnng!


These earphone jacks come in four different designs, and each of these designs are based on one of the two main girls from the hit anime series. Asuna and Suguha are most certainly well represented as both super deformed versions of these lovely heroines are sure to liven up your smartphone.

Each smartphone jack is made of PVC and measures in at about 30 mm. Each of these SAO cuties are sculpted by Inamura Kabutomushi Santarou are are designed for 3.5 mm earphone jacks.



Asuna Titania ver.






You can buy these cute jacks individually or as a set, and no matter what you choose, you will be given this special stand for each earphone jack you purchase.


These cute little rascals can now be pre-ordered online via the Good Smile Online Shop. Individually, each earphone jack costs 945 yen, but should you choose to buy the entire set, it would cost you 3,780. These Sword Art Online earphone jacks are slated for release January 2014.

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