Unlike most wines that are sold in limited editions, these wines won’t be going anywhere soon and feature some old, but good, anime on the labels.

Culture Wine is paving the way for anime themed wine to be mass marketed. Although there have been some themed wines, they often focused more on bringing the idea of anime to it, like this tsundere sake, or having a famous artist, like KEI, do the art for it. This time, though, some very real, very popular, series are being turned into something adult fans can enjoy.


Some of the 45 different series that Culture Wine is including as part of their project include the 1971 and 1985 versions of Gegege no Kitaro, Mazinger Z, Galaxy Express 999, and of course the original anime and live action versions of Captain Harlock.


In case you ever forget just when it was that your favorite show came out, the label will remind you with either gold or silver script. That way you can always remember that 1966 was the year magical girls first graced television screens with the show Little Witch Sally.


The wine itself is made at the well established Katsunuma wineries in Koshu, Yamanashi Prefecture. Considering the region is known for wine, much like Osaka is known for takoyaki, fans don’t need to worry about the quality of what’s inside the bottle. They also have a variety of options of wine they can pick from for each anime: red, white, or rose.


The choices don’t stop there as there are two different bottle sizes to choose from: a 720 ml bottle for 3150 yen or a 360 ml bottle for 2100 yen.


Each of the wines are available for purchase at the website, but Japanese drinking laws require you to be 20 or older to make your fine-dining decision.

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Source: Anime-Anime


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