“You sneeze, I please, that’s the way it goes”. 40 years ago, classic anime Hakushon Daimaou (also known as Genie Family or Sneezing Magician) tickled a lot of funny bones and made the audience laugh out loud with their own brand of zany antics. Now, this all-time classic from 1969 is about to get a live-action drama adaptation.



The wacky “Sneezing Genie” Achoo will be played by Shingo Murakami from the Japanese boy band Kanjani8. The Japanese singer and actor has already appeared in various TV dramas and stage plays. Murakami, who was born in 1981 explained that he was a fan of the series growing up. With the popular idol playing the classic anime genie, expect the plump Achoo to be a whole lot slimmer in the J-Drama.


Meanwhile, seven-year-old Konomi Watanabe has been chosen to play Achoo’s daughter, Yawn who pops out and grants wishes to those who yawn nearby.

The anime about a genie jumping out of a pot everytime somebody sneezes captured the hearts of audiences worldwide as it was shown in various countries and dubbed into English by Saban. The live-action drama started filming last spring and is now scheduled to air this upcoming fall season.

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